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Sell your laptops

Did you know that old business laptops and notebooks often hold a considerable residual value? Especially when the laptops are only a few years old. After all, it’s not just the age of the laptop that matters, but the performance it can still deliver. As a laptop buyer, we purchase your old laptops, securely remove the data, and put them back on the market. This route gives you an eco-friendly and financially attractive option.

You can use our service for as few as 10 laptops. Please note that we do not buy laptops from private individuals. Contact us now for a valuation without obligation!

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Attractive residual value

Why sell off old laptops?

Do you own old laptops that you have little or no use for? Consider selling them to CTC, your partner in the field of professional hardware purchasing. Our buyback service offers several attractive advantages:

  • Selling your old laptops to a reputable laptop buyer like CTC is the most secure way to get rid of old laptops. We use Blancco’s highly advanced data erasure software, so you can be 100% sure that your privacy-sensitive data will be safely deleted. In this way, you prevent data leaks and their consequences.
  • Another interesting reason to sell your used laptops is the financial benefit you get from doing so. In the case of ‘young’ laptops, especially, you often still benefit from very reasonable purchase prices. It is important to us that you receive a fair, market-based price.
  • Old and unused laptops are often left to gather dust in a warehouse or office corner. Or they are in employees’ homes, without really being used for the benefit of your organisation. Moreover, the residual value decreases quickly, especially when the device is several years old. And that’s a shame!
  • Stakeholders increasingly value the choices you make, and sustainability is becoming a hot topic. Did you know that refurbishing a laptop can easily save 2 kg of electronic waste (e-waste)? This has a lot of impact on the environment, especially when you have a lot of unused laptops. Your organisation can therefore make a direct contribution to a circular economy. Good for your finances, the environment, and your reputation!

Want to find out quickly what your old laptops are still worth?

Selling off laptops? Choose CTC!

More and more companies are opting to have their old business laptops bought back. As a laptop buyer, we purchase all well-known brands of laptops, notebooks and Ultrabooks. These include such brands as HP, Microsoft Surface, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer. We can also often offer a very attractive residual value for Apple MacBooks. When you choose our laptop buy-up service, you gain the following benefits:

  • A fast, tailored proposal, entirely without obligation. You can count on a realistic and interesting residual value. To determine the residual value, we look at aspects such as the price when new, the condition, the screen size, the video card, the storage, the working memory and the processor.
  • Unusable parts or devices are always carefully recycled.
  • We have extensive experience in the Netherlands, but our customer base also includes various multinationals. Is your organisation partly based in other countries? In that case, too, we can offer you a perfect service.
  • Of course, we comply with all legal rules and requirements for buying up laptops. Moreover, we have various certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. This offers you even more security.
  • We take care of the whole spectrum for you, from buying back to disposal and recycling. This makes the process fast, secure and smooth. You also have a permanent contact person. Moreover, you benefit from swift payment.

You can also contact us to buyback of all your other surplus hardware. We are happy to assist you by purchasing computers, tablets, servers and storage.

Want to find out quickly what your old laptops are still worth?

Interested? This is how we go about it

Do you have a batch of laptops that you are keen to sell off? This is how to do it.

Please note: We do not buy defective or incomplete equipment, or accessories such as cables, mice, laptop covers, webcams, stands or keyboards. The minimum number of laptops we buy is 10.

Not sure if your equipment is eligible? Please feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will be glad to answer all your questions, without obligation.

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3 Collection of the hardware

After you agree to the proposal, we’ll collect the laptops using our own transport.

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4 Secure data erasure

We securely delete all data from your laptops using Blancco.

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5 Reports and certificates

You’ll receive data deletion certificates, detailed reports and the agreed upon residual value.

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6 Refurbishing hardware

We prepare your old laptops for a second life.

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Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We will be happy to discuss how we can dispose of your surplus of laptops in the right way: fast, securely, and responsibly.

Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We will be happy to discuss how we can dispose of your surplus of laptops in the right way: fast, securely, and responsibly.

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