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ITAD, problem-free IT Asset Disposition at fixed prices.

Erasing data and selling your written-off IT equipment (or donating or responsibly disposing of it) yourself means a lot of work for your IT department. Your highly trained staff will hardly be keen to take on such work.

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ITAD, leave it to CTC!

CTC is familiar with the market and, since its foundation in 2004, has specialized in IT Asset Disposition, including secure data erasure, hard drive destruction.
Furthermore, it has all the knowledge, resources and certifications needed to dispose of and recycle your redundant IT equipment in accordance with the laws and regulations.

ITAD - what is that?

ITAD (abbreviation of IT Asset Disposition) is a streamlined process for securely and responsibly disposing of redundant and end-of-life IT equipment.

CTC specializes in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), such as: disposal of IT equipment and dismantling of complete data centers, certified data erasure and hard drive destruction, buyback, remarketing, and recycling, including clear reporting and official certificates.

Secure data erasure and destruction

Your written-off equipment contains much sensitive and confidential business information

You don’t want that to fall into the wrong hands. Standard erasure procedures are not sufficient.
As a Blancco Gold Partner, we specialize in the 100% secure erasure of your data with Blancco software. Total destruction of data carriers is also possible, of course. At our service center in Nieuwegein, or at your location. You always receive a certificate of destruction for audit purposes.

Circular economy and sustainability

We always dispose of your old IT equipment in an eco-friendly manner.

As a leading ITAD service provider, CTC makes sure insofar as possible that your redundant IT resources are used again or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Every step in our process is fully traceable. Our WEEELABEX certified recycling partners recover valuable raw materials from your scrapped IT equipment. If you wish, they can issue an environmental certificate.

Is your old IT equipment worth money?

Residual value and/or donation?

We give you the highest residual value for your old IT equipment.

Thanks to our good relationships in the market for used IT equipment, we can realize the highest residual value for your written-off hardware like laptops, tablets, computers servers and storage. A nice return, which will reduce your overall IT costs.
Alternatively, you can donate (part of) the revenue to a charity of your choice. For that purpose, we work together with Stichting ITdonations.

ITAD process at CTC ITSoltutions

Hardware verwerking door CTC

1 Surplus hardware collection

We will pick up your old hardware at your location.

CTC laptops recyclen

2 Transport to our servicecenter

Using our own transport, we’ll bring your hardware to our servicecenter.

Registreren van hardware

3 Registration

Upon arrival, all incoming hardware goes through registration.

Blancco dataverwijdering

4 Certified data wiping

We securely wipe all data from your hardware using Blancco.

Verwerking van desktops

5 Inspect and repair

We clean up your old hardware, and repair where needed to prepare them for a second life.


6 Reporting and payment

You’ll receive data deletion certificates, detailed reports and the agreed upon residual value.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 27001 WEEELABEX Blancco

Within two weeks after the order, the resale value was in our customer’s bank account.

For a British/Dutch multinational producer of foodstuffs, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies, we have been the partner for secure and fast disposal of all IT assets in Europe and North America for eight years and counting – a total of over 60,000 assets so far. Here’s just one of the stories of this partnership

The challenge

It starts with an email: there are 1,200 used laptops in our Barcelona branch. Some are ours, and some are leased. They have to leave the premises as soon as possible.

The approach

Based on the email specification, we give a provisional valuation. Then we go to Barcelona as fast as possible. On site, we make an inventory of the assets. We determine which ones have to go back to the leasing company, and which ones we can sell. We issue a statement for these. We carefully pack the laptops and load them for transport. On arrival in the Netherlands, we assess the equipment for damage, securely erase the data with Blancco, ensure that the leased assets are returned to the leasing company, calculate the finalized value, and transfer the amount to the client.

The result

The surplus equipment has been removed within 5 days of receiving instructions. Within 2 weeks of receiving instructions, the residual value – minus the cost of the service provided – is in the client’s bank account.

Project details

  • 1.200 laptops in Barelona
  • Secure data erasure with Blancco
  • Leased equipment returned to leasing company
  • High residual value paid out within 2 weeks


  • Speed
  • Problem-free, everything done for you
  • High residual value