Hard drive destruction

Hard drive destruction to security level DIN 66399!

Are you already using a professional and reliable hard drive destruction service to destroy data carriers such as hard drives, USB sticks or tapes containing confidential information securely and permanently?

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Hard drive destruction

With its powerful shredder, CTC provides an extremely secure method for permanently erasing information from hard drives and other data carriers.

We carry out the hard drive destruction for you in our well equipped, secure service center in Nieuwegein (cheapest option) or we can do it at your location. We also take care of the removal of hard drives from IT hardware for you. All IT waste is processed in conformity with the WEEELABEX guidelines. The only legal method for processing electronic equipment in the Netherlands!

Hard drive destruction and GDPR

Identifiable (Personal) Information: handle with care!

By having us destroy your hard drive or other data carrier, you avoid the possibility that identifiable (personal) information might be leaked from a scrapped or defective hard drive.

Any organization which – even unintentionally – leaks personal data via a discarded or sold-on drive remains responsible for the leak.

How secure is hard drive destruction?

CTC’s hard drive destruction service complies with the extremely strict 66399 and ISO/IEC 21964 norms.

H-5: (hard drives): Data carrier broken and deformed into several pieces, particle size ≤ 320 mm2
T-3: (tapes): Particle size ≤ 320 mm2
E-2: (electronic media such as USB sticks, SD cards): Medium broken into pieces
O-2: (optical media): Particle size ≤ 800 mm2

What data carriers can you have destroyed by CTC?

CTC destroys not only hard drives but also other data carriers such as smartphones (without battery)!

  • Hard disk – Hard drives
  • Solid State Drives – SSD drives
  • USB sticks – SD cards
  • Tapes – ID Cards
  • Smartphones – PDAs

Why choose CTC IT Solutions for hard drive destruction?

Opt for secure, well organized destruction of your data carriers.

  • Since 2005, CTC has been providing data erasure and hard drive destruction services and the disposal of old hardware for medium-sized and large organizations.
  • CTC operates internationally, including the whole of Europe and North America.
  • CTC has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and has a NIWO permit for (among other things) the transport and collection of industrial waste.

Want to have your data securely erased without destroying the hard drives?

In that case, opt for software-based data erasure.

The data carrier then retains its value! With our extremely secure data erasure service the data is securely erased from the hard drives or SSD disks. The data carriers themselves remain intact and can therefore be used again. Because data carriers retain their value, you can sell your old hardware without any worries.

Hard drive destruction, download the ebook

Download the ebook here: hard drives destruction (only in Dutch!)


Have your hard drives securely destroyed?

ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO 27001 gecertificeerd blancco data erasure niwo certificering

Our method of hard drives and data carrier destruction:

  1. Call 030-248 40 03 to make an appointment
  2. We collect your data carriers in a special container with our own transport
  3. On arrival with us, the first thing we do is register your data carriers.
  4. We destroy your data carriers in the agreed way
  5. After your data carriers have been destroyed, you receive the invoice, the destruction certificate and detail reports:
    • Date when your data carriers were destroyed
    • The number of data carriers destroyed
    • Serial numbers and features, such as type of data carrier, brand, and capacity
    • CO2 reduction report (only on request)
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