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Computer Recycling

Does your company or organisation have written-off computers that you want to recycle? CTC is the specialist in the field of computer recycling. We have all the knowledge, resources and certifications needed to dispose of and recycle your surplus computers in accordance with laws and regulations. With our expertise in data erasure and data carrier destruction, your data is always 100% secure. Our recycling services are available for as few as 10 computers.

Request a free valuation for your old PC’s or call +31(0)30-248 4003 for custom advice, without any obligations. Note: we do not recycle computers from private individuals.

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Why have old computers or PCs recycled?

Within the business world, it is becoming increasingly common to have written-off hardware bought up and/or recycled. Technological developments are following each other in quick succession. As a result, computers relatively quickly no longer meet requirements. In addition, corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Contributing to a circular economy is good for your image. Moreover, written-off computers take up a lot of space and are often still full of sensitive information. Finally, computer waste contains relatively large amounts of harmful substances. This makes it all the more important to leave the recycling to a specialist!

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Computer Recycling

Our working method

Selling off computers

Computer recycling by CTC always includes a clear report, official certificates and full environmental responsibility. If possible, we will buy up your old computers and give them a second life. This is by far the most environmentally friendly option, saving you countless kilos of electronic waste. Moreover, this offers you several interesting advantages. For example, written-off desktops often still have an attractive residual value.

Data erasure and data destruction

If you have your computers sold off or recycled, it is important to have all business and privacy-sensitive data erased or destroyed. After all, your written-off computers are full of sensitive information. We are excellently positioned to help you with this. We provide certified and 100% secure data destruction.

As a specialist in data erasure and data destruction, we use methods that meet the highest safety standards. For example, we have been a BLANCCO ITAD Gold Partner for many years. Blancco’s software has been approved by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service, among others. If required, we can also destroy data carriers on-site under supervision. To do this, we use an advanced mobile shredder. CTC’s mobile hard drive destruction service complies with the extremely strict 66399 and ISO/IEC 21964 norms.

Computer Recycling in accordance with WEEELABEX guidelines

Are the computers themselves no longer suitable for reuse, for example, because they are very outdated? No problem. Many parts can still be reused. If this is not possible, the computers will be completely dismantled and recycled. In the process, raw materials are recovered. These include: ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals such as iron, copper, gold, silver and palladium.

Our WEEELABEX-certified processors separate the materials for responsible recycling. In this way, your old equipment returns to secondary raw materials. In this way, we contribute to a circular economy. As one of the few Dutch companies, we are active worldwide in recycling IT equipment.

We recycle:

  • Desktops
  • All-in-one computers and iMacs
  • Workstations
  • Portable computers like laptops
  • Servers, tablets and more!

Our certifications and licences:

  • NIWO Licence to transport industrial or hazardous waste
  • ISO 9001 for the improvement of quality and customer satisfaction
  • ISO 14001 for the improvement of environmental performance
  • ISO 27001 for information security
  • NEN 7510 for information security specific to the healthcare sector
  • DIN standard 66399 SO/IEC 2196 for the destruction of data carriers
  • BLANCCO ITAD Gold partner for 100% secure data deletion

Let CTC recycle your computers

  • Fast, professional and 100% certified
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Receive a CO2 reduction report on request
  • Internationally active, including throughout Europe and North America
  • Targeted working method, leaving you free of all concerns
  • We collect all equipment at a time convenient to you

Would you like to know quickly whether we also recycle your computers?

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Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC do for you?

We will be happy to tell you how we securely and responsibly recycle your old computers and PCs.

Please contact Gijs or call +31 (0)30-2484003
Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC do for you?

We will be happy to tell you how we securely and responsibly recycle your old computers and PCs.

Please contact Gijs or call +31 (0)30-2484003