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Data erasure

Data erasure: why?

As an organization, you don’t want your business data or personal data falling into the wrong hands. There are severe penalties for leaking data, even accidentally. Furthermore, it is bad for your reputation and competitiveness.

Hackers only need a small amount of data from your organization to make the next step in penetrating your business systems. That small amount of information is often found on laptops or PCs that have been scrapped or sold on and contain data carriers such as hard drives or SSD drives.

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Secure data erasure

Data erasure: what is it?

Data erasure with dedicated software from Blancco makes the information on a data carrier unreadable by overwriting it in a specific way. The advantage of software-based data erasure is that you can use the data carrier again, so it retains its value.

When to apply data erasure?

There are various situations in which data erasure is an absolute must for any organization.

The IT equipment is at the end of its lifecycle and can no longer be used. Prevent your data falling into the wrong hands, and have it 100% securely erased before it is recycled.

If you sell or donate your old IT equipment, then have the data erased first. After that, you can hand over the equipment to the new owner with peace of mind.

A laptop or PC is used again for another employee. Have the data erased first, and then give the cleaned device to the new user.

Data erasure with software; is that secure?

The Blancco data erasure software used by CTC is among the most secure in the world.

Blancco’s Data Erasure software is certified by (among others) the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service, and is recommended by leading organizations all over the world. No other data erasure software for erasing information from data carriers has this level of conformity with strict standards.

After the data has been erased, you always receive an official certificate from us for each data carrier as proof that the information has been successfully erased!

Data erasure, always with an official data erasure certificate

Our certifications offer you extra certainty. We are certified for:
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 27001 WEEELABEX logo Blancco

How does data erasure by CTC work?

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We perform the extremely secure data erasure using Blancco software in our well equipped service center in Nieuwegein (cheapest option) or we come to your location.

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1 We pick up your data carriers

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2 Transport to our service center

We make sure your data carriers are shipped safely.

Hardware wordt geregistreerd

3 Data carrier registration

Upon arrival, your data carriers are registered.

Blancco dataverwijdering

4 Erasure of data carriers

Your data carriers are safely erased with Blancco.


5 Reports, certification and invoice

Afterwards you’ll receive the invoice, certifications on each data carrier and detailed reports.

Hardware verwerking door CTC

6 Transport back to you

After successful data erasure, your data carriers can be used again.

Hard drive destruction

Are your hard drives at the end of their life, or does your organization have specific requirement?

With its powerful shredder, CTC provides a very secure method for permanently erasing information from hard drives and numerous other data carriers. This can be done as a supplement to software-based data erasure, or if your organization specifically requires it.

In contrast to data erasure, the data carriers do lose their value because they are no longer usable.