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1,200 laptops out of Barcelona, fast and secure

Within two weeks after the order, the resale value was in our customer’s bank account.

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For a British/Dutch multinational producer of foodstuffs, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies, we have been the partner for secure and fast disposal of all IT assets in Europe and North America for eight years and counting – a total of over 60,000 assets so far. Here’s just one of the stories of this partnership.


The challenge

It starts with an email: “We’ve got 1,200 used laptops at our Barcelona office. We own some of them and the rest of them are leased. They’ve all got to go, ASAP.”

The approach

Based on the description in the email, we give the customer a preliminary value. We then go to Barcelona as quickly as we can. We take inventory of the assets on site. We determine which have to go back to the lease company and which we can sell. We put all this down for the customer in a statement. We pack up the laptops carefully and load them for transport. When they arrive in the Netherlands, we assess each for damage, wipe their data securely with Blancco, make sure that the leased assets go back to the lease company, determine the definitive value and transfer that amount to the customer.

The result

Five days after the email, the unneeded equipment was gone. The resale value (minus our fee) was in the customer’s bank account within two weeks.

Project details

  • 1.200 laptops in Barelona
  • Secure data wiping with Blancco
  • Return shipping to lease company
  • Maximum resale value paid within two weeks


  • Speed
  • No worries, everything taken care of with one email
  • High resale value