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Certified and 100% environmentally responsible

Server Recycling

Do you have one or more servers that you want to recycle in an environmentally responsible and safe way? Request a valuation or call +31(0)30-248 4003 for custom advice, without any obligations. We operate worldwide and are fully certified. With our expertise in data erasure and data carrier destruction, your data is 100% secure.

We have all the knowledge, resources and certifications needed to dispose of and have your redundant IT equipment recycled in accordance with all laws and regulations. Server recycling by CTC always includes clear reports, official certificates and full environmental responsibility.

Note: we do not recycle servers from private individuals.

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Choose for 100% security of your data!

We offer the perfect solution for your written-off servers. Servers are often bursting with sensitive data. As an organisation, you don’t want your business data or personal data falling into the wrong hands. There are severe penalties for (unwittingly) leaking data, even accidentally. Moreover, it is bad for your image and a data leak can affect your competitive position.

We can recycle your servers or have them sold off professionally for you. We distinguish ourselves through our extensive experience in the field of data erasure and data destruction. We also offer the option of destroying data carriers on-site. We use a mobile shredder for this purpose and can deploy it at a location of your choice. In that way, you can be sure that your data is 100% safe.

For data erasure, we use the software from Blancco. This software has been approved by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service and meets the highest security standards.

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Server Recycling

Circular economy and sustainability

Recycling or remarketing?

In many cases, business servers are still reusable. Therefore, we can buy up your servers. In this way, you can be sure that sensitive data is safe and you often benefit from a considerable residual value. Servers age fast, so don’t wait too long.

By repurposing your servers, the impact on the environment is minimised. After all, raw materials and energy for the production of a new server are not used (or only much later). Moreover, the amount of IT waste is significantly reduced. In addition, selling off your hardware has various other interesting advantages. So for both the environment and your own organisation, this is by far the most interesting method of recycling.

Server recycling in accordance with WEEELABEX guidelines

Even when the servers are at the end of their life cycle (and therefore can no longer be used), certain components can often still be reused. If this is also not possible, the servers will be completely dismantled and recycled. During this process, raw materials are recovered. Servers are easy to recycle, as they consist largely of metal. Any hazardous substances or materials contained in the servers are professionally removed and processed.

IT waste is processed in accordance with the WEEELABEX guidelines. WEEELABEX sets uniform requirements for collection, storage, transport, processing, recycling and reuse of e-waste, provides independent audits and prescribes how processed volumes and recycling results achieved must be reported.

We recycle:

Our certifications and licences:

  • NIWO Licence to transport industrial or hazardous waste
  • ISO 9001 for the improvement of quality and customer satisfaction
  • ISO 14001 for the improvement of environmental performance
  • ISO 27001 for information security
  • NEN 7510 for information security specific to the healthcare sector
  • DIN standard 66399 SO/IEC 2196 for the destruction of data carriers
  • BLANCCO ITAD Gold partner for 100% secure data deletion

Let CTC recycle your servers

  • Fast, professional and 100% certified
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Receive a CO2 reduction report on request
  • Internationally active, including throughout Europe and North America
  • Targeted working method, leaving you free of all concerns
  • We collect all equipment at a time convenient to you

Would you like to know quickly whether we also recycle your servers?

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Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC do for you?

We will be happy to tell you how we securely and responsibly recycle your old servers.

Please contact Gijs or call +31 (0)30-2484003
Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC do for you?

We will be happy to tell you how we securely and responsibly recycle your old servers.

Please contact Gijs or call +31 (0)30-2484003