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About us

CTC IT Solutions: the ITAD specialist!

CTC IT Solutions has been active since 2004 as a computer buyer and IT recycling specialist. CTC is one of the biggest and most professional ITAD and Computer Recycling service providers for large and medium-sized international companies.

With us, your old and surplus hardware is in safe hands. Old commercially-used computers, laptops, PCs, servers, storage and network equipment often have an attractive residual value. Contact us for a no-obligation valuation of your old business hardware

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International IT recycling and replacement?

Our approach works. That’s apparent from the many long-term relationships with major multinational companies. Freeing themselves from concerns, they leave the collection of their old IT equipment to us. Fast, secure, and well organized.

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CTC stands for reliability

CTC offers its clients extensive solutions for recovering value from their redundant IT equipment. Equipment is always processed in a circular, eco-friendly way.

Clear agreements and transparent reporting – every step in our partnership is traceable. Moreover, CTC is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and NIWO standards. A good basis for confidence!

Active worldwide

We work in the home market and internationally, including the whole of Europe and North America.

Facts and figures

  • founded in 2004
  • active in Europe and North America
  • > 600,000 assets per annum
  • > 65 multinational clients

Circular IT

Our aim is to refurbish operational IT equipment and, insofar as possible, to remarket it.

If this is not possible, we will use components for spare parts or, if there is really no other option, have them responsibly recycled to recover the scarce raw materials.

Part of Circular IT group

CTC IT Solutions has been part of Circular IT group since 2022. Together with the other companies within the group, we are committed to Circular IT. The group offers Circular IT solutions aimed at extending the lifespan of IT assets and thus minimising the negative impact of the IT value chain on the environment and resource use.


Do you have questions, or would like to get to know us?

CTC IT Solutions specializes in:

  • Buying hardware / Disposing of IT Assets / Dismantling data centers
  • Secure data erasure and Hard Drive destruction (GDPR Proof)
  • Computer Recycling – IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

CTC always aims to get the highest return for its clients and to make the maximum contribution to the circular economy through the re-use and recycling of the retrieved hardware.

CTC works together with Stichting ITdonations, enabling you to donate (part of) the residual value of your old hardware to a charity of your choice.