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Data Center disposal: secure, fast, efficient

Remove data center or (partly) dismantle it? That is specialized work, in which data security, reliability and eco-friendly recycling are crucial.

The specialists in our experienced dismantling team skillfully and responsibly remove your servers, storage systems, switches or patch panels from the racks. Complete racks are removed or, if you wish, they can even clear out the entire data center for you. Removing cables? No problem!

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ITAD services for data centers

CTC offers a complete package of ITAD services specially designed for data centers, including secure on-site data erasure and data carrier destruction, secure transport, and certified processing and recycling.
(Datacenter Disposal)

Thanks to our well established market relationships, we also realize a high residual value for your written-off IT equipment. This compensates for the incurred removal costs and gives you an optimal return on investment.

Auditing & Reporting

CTC checks and documents the complete end-to-end process for written-off IT assets. Transparency, reliability and strict fulfillment of the agreements are thereby guaranteed.

Closed loop

In this way, we guarantee a “leak proof” end-to-end process, from asset tagging via inventory reporting to our secure processing facilities. Also for relocation!

Data Center Disposal

  • Complete package of ITAD service for data center removal
  • 100% data security and eco-friendly disposal

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Customer case

“2,500 servers removed in 2 days”

Data center space is very expensive. The sooner redundant servers are gone, the better.

An international business relation rents space in a Dutch data center.The lease has been cancelled: 2,500 redundant servers have to be gone within 5 days.

The challenge

Speed and expertise are essential in this assignment. Every additional hour that our client’s servers remain in the data center is costing them money. Furthermore, removing servers from a data center is specialized work calling for security. The equipment is jammed between that of other clients. No disturbance can be tolerated.

The approach

A certified team specializing in such jobs makes the necessary (administrative) preparations and sets off for the data center. On arrival, they quickly and securely remove the 2,500 servers, meticulously pack them, and transport them to our location in Nieuwegein. Within 2 days, the servers have been removed. At our location in Nieuwegein, we erase the data securely and completely with Blancco.

The result

The servers have been promptly removed from the data center to the client’s full satisfaction, yielding a high residual value.

Project details

  • 2,500 servers removed quickly and securely
  • Data wiped securely and completely using Blancco
  • High resale value


  • Speed
  • Problem-free
  • High residual value
  • Expertise in data centers