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100% Secure Data Destruction

Data carrier destruction

Organisations often use a lot of data-carrying hardware. These devices are often discarded at the end of their lifecycle. When the sensitive data on your discarded hardware falls into the wrong hands, it can have huge consequences for an organisation. Moreover, you also have to deal with the ‘mandatory data breach notification’ law and the GDPR.

There is reason enough to be extremely careful with discarded hardware. Do not take any risks with your company data on data carriers and have them destroyed safely, quickly and certified by CTC IT Solutions.

Please note: this service is for business customers only, not for private individuals.

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Request a quote for data destruction?

Request a quote for data destruction?

Data carrier destruction by CTC, everything you need to know:

We destroy all types of data carriers

In addition to regular and external hard disks, we also destroy other types of used data carriers. Think of SSD disks, tapes, smartphones, PDAs and other phones. But you have also come to the right place for the destruction of USB sticks, SD cards, magnetic tapes, ID cards and more. If required, we will remove the hard disks from the equipment free of charge.


Our working method

Our data carrier destruction process is simple, yet highly effective and safe. Our efforts are entirely focused on completely unburdening you. We are fully certified and comply with all applicable laws and directives.

CTC kantoor

1 We pick up your data carriers

Call +31 30 – 248 40 03 to make an appointment. Or request a quote digitally.

Hardware verwerking door CTC

2 Transport to our service centre

We make sure your data carriers are shipped safely.

Registreren van hardware

3 Data carrier registration

Upon arrival, your data carriers are registered.

Harde schijven vernietigen

4 Data carrier destruction

Your data carriers are safely destroyed as agreed upon.

Hardware scraps

5 Eco-friendly disposal

Your IT waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.


6 Reports, certification and invoice

Afterwards you’ll receive the invoice, destruction certificates and detailed reports.

At your premises or our secure Service Centre in Nieuwegein?

Every customer has specific requirements. Our approach is fully geared to them. Thus, at CTC you can have your data carriers destroyed in several ways. First, we can destroy your data carriers in our professionally secured Servicecenter in Nieuwegein. If you choose this option, we will collect the data carriers using our own transport. This is the most economical option for you.

A second option is that we destroy the data carriers at your premises with our mobile shredder. This further reduces the risk of data leaks. Someone from your organisation can be physically present during the actual destruction of the data carriers. For data security reasons, it is not possible to deliver your data carriers to our Service Centre yourself.

Wondering how the shredder works?

ShredderA shredder is used to shred data carriers into small pieces. After all, physical destruction guarantees that data are permanently unusable. Our powerful shredder has steel blades suitable for shredding metal enclosures. In this process, the solid steel blades rotate in opposite directions, “swallowing” the data carrier, so to speak. The video at the top of this page clearly shows this process.

Fully environmentally responsible

The waste products from the destruction process are recycled and put back into circulation in an environmentally friendly way. This preserves important and scarce raw materials. The entire process is certified according to ISO 14001, 9001 and 27001. This guarantees a professional and safe disposal procedure. Our procedures fully comply with all strict environmental standards.


Data destruction or one of these alternatives?

Data carrier destruction is the perfect choice when equipment no longer has any residual value. Or when your company policy dictates it. Did you know that in some situations there are still interesting alternatives to full data destruction?

  1. Often we can buy back your hardware. This is a very environmentally friendly option, where we bring the hardware back onto the market in a 100% secure way. Only after all data has been completely removed, of course.
  2. Have data removed and then donate the residual value of the hardware to the ITdonations Foundation. This foundation donates the residual value to a charity of your choice.

The best method for data destruction depends on the type of media, the sensitivity of the data and the end-of-life value of the assets.

Sometimes companies try to destroy the data themselves in-house. This is usually not time-efficient and has its risks. CTC IT Solutions has all the expertise and experience to carry out data carrier destruction efficiently and professionally for you.

100% Secure

Our data carrier destruction service meets the extremely strict DIN 66399 and ISO/IEC 21964 standards:

  • H-5  (hard drives): Data carrier broken into several pieces and deformed, particle size ≤ 320 mm2
  • T-3 (tapes): Particle size ≤ 320 mm2
  • E-2 (electronic media such as USB sticks, SD cards): Medium broken into pieces
  • O-2 (optical media): Particle size ≤ 800 mm2

Why CTC IT Solutions?

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • International operations, including throughout Europe and North America.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified
  • NIWO licence for e.g. transport and collection of industrial waste
  • Complete service including certificate for audits
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of IT waste in accordance with WEEELABEX guidelines
  • Comprehensive reporting and optional CO2 reduction report

Download the Hard Disk Destruction ebook

ebook Hard Drive Destruction (only in Dutch!)

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Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We would be happy to tell you how we securely and responsibly destroy your data carriers.

Gijs van Nieuwenhoven

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We would be happy to tell you how we securely and responsibly destroy your data carriers.

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Frequently asked questions about data carrier destruction

Different types of data carriers that can be destroyed include hard drives, SSD disks, tapes, smartphones, PDAs, and other phones. However, you can also turn to CTC for the destruction of USB sticks, SD cards, magnetic tapes, ID cards, and more.

For the secure destruction of data carriers, you can engage a specialized ITAD company like CTC. CTC offers services such as data wiping, where the information on data carriers is erased according to strict standards, making data recovery impossible.

While theoretically possible, self-destruction of data carriers is strongly discouraged for organizations. Professional companies like CTC guarantee complete, irrecoverable data destruction and provide data deletion certificates and reports needed for compliance and audits.

Yes, you can have your hard drives (and other data carriers) shredded. Shredding data carriers is a safe way to remove your data, ensuring it can’t be recovered.

There are several standards a shredder should meet to be considered safe. The most common standards are:

  • DIN 66399: This is a German standard that defines the safety of various types of shredders.
  • NIST SP 800-88: This is an American standard that provides recommendations for the destruction of sensitive information.
  • NAID AAA-7: This is a standard from the National Association for Information Destruction that offers guidelines for the destruction of physical data carriers.

CTC’s shredders comply with the above standards. The shredding of data carriers can be carried out both on-site and at our service center.