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Donate IT

Need to replace or get rid of excess IT equipment? Then donate the residual value of your old company hardware to a charity of your choice.

The ITdonations Foundation is an initiative of Circular IT group and makes donating easy, transparent and secure.

Request a free valuation
for your old IT equipment

Donate your hardware

Donate your hardware

Donate your company hardware and close the circle

Get involved and donate

  • Choose your own charity
  • Complete guidance throughout the process
  • Makes CSR easy
  • Includes secure data deletion

We are committed to a world where we make conscious decisions about how we use technology. Even after we no longer need it ourselves. We are breaking the vicious circle of treating IT like a disposable product. Instead, we are making IT truly circular.


Donate in 4 steps

IT donations

1 Get in touch

Fill in the form and ITdonations will contact you We then explain everything to you. Once agreed, we’ll get started.

IT donations

2 Pick up

We arrange a time to pick up your hardware and carefully log all assets. We remove all data 100% securely, issuing you with a certificate, and then we take it from there.

IT donations

3 Hand over the documents

You then receive a detailed report showing which equipment you donated and what its residual value is.

IT donations

4 Donate to charity

Finally, we arrange the payment to charity. You receive confirmation that your charity has received the donation.

Donate your old hardware too

Donate your old hardware too

We have already donated more than 3 million euros to more than 200 charities through this scheme,

which is widely lauded in the business community. Organisations including Rituals, ING, TomTom and Aegon trust ITdonations to dispose of their IT equipment, while choosing which charity they would like to donate to.

Not for profit

ITdonations Foundation is a non-profit organisation with under Dutch tax law.