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Safe destruction of hard drives and data carriers

What to do with old data carriers such as hard drives and USB sticks?
Many organizations are not aware that their old IT equipment contains data carriers that are still provided with company information. Any organization that (also unintentionally) leaks personal data through a discarded or resold drive or computer remains responsible for a data breach.

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Shred it!

By having us destroy your hard drives or other data carriers, you avoid the possibility that identifiable (personal) information might be leaked from a scrapped or defective hard drive. The destruction of hard drives can take place both at your location and in the service center of CTC. With its very powerful shredders, CTC provides an extremely safe method to irreparably destroy information from hard drives and other data carriers.

All data carriers are pre-registered and afterwards you will receive a detailed report of all data carriers that have been destructed plus a certificate of removal. CTC then ensures environmentally sound disposal of the residual waste, which is processed as much as possible into reusable raw materials.

Or choose for data erasure

Do you want to have the data safely removed and to be able to use or sell the data carriers again? Then our secure data erasure service is the best option for you.

In the video below you will get an idea how our shredder destructs your hard drives safely and irreparably.

Have your hard drives securely destroyed?

Have your hard drives securely destroyed?