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Used IT equipment is worth money

For many businesses, purchasing new PCs, servers or laptops can be a complex process. However, parting with your old IT equipment is, if anything, even more troublesome. The GDPR requires all personal data to be deleted, and it is desirable to delete all data from for reasons of competition. Furthermore, environmental rules must be adhered to.

A lot of work for your organization!

Of course, a company can sell devices to its staff. But if you are scrapping 500 laptops at one go, it means erasing data 500 times, deducting a sum 500 times from the salaries of the various employees, and checking 500 times to see whether the device is still good enough to be sold to a colleague. That still leaves the question of what to do with devices which don’t work any more. The company’s compliance officer will certainly be against just throwing them in a skip – and rightly so.

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Value of old IT equipment

Scrapped IT equipment is designated as e-waste. That term actually sounds too negative, because the devices have value. Good equipment can be refurbished and used again; re-use is far and away the best way of recycling. If that’s not possible, the device’s components still retain value. And if even that is not possible, everything can be recycled as much as possible to yield reusable raw materials.

The value of old equipment can definitely be expressed in terms of money. While companies normally have to pay to dispose of their waste, CTC IT Solutions has 15 years of specialised experience in processing old IT equipment and will pay a price for each device. The customer can also choose whether to receive this money in cash or to donate it to a charity via Stichting ITdonations.

Carefree disposal of old IT equipment

CTC IT Solutions handles the entire process, from collecting the equipment from your premises to erasing data. This is also known as IT Asset Disposal or ITAD Services. From issuing data erasure certificates showing that all data has been correctly deleted to remarketing the devices or recycling components into raw materials: we cover it all. And not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide.

The final recycling of IT equipment which can no longer be sold is also carried out in a socially responsible way. Not in low-wage countries, but in western Europe, with strict adhesion to environmental and labour laws. The aim is to provide the entire process of computer recycling without producing waste. In that way, everyone in the chain benefits from this form of circular IT: the party receiving or donating money for old equipment, the users of refurbished devices, and the environment.

Want to know what your redundant business IT equipment is still worth?

Then apply now for a no-obligation valuation!

Want to know what your redundant business IT equipment is still worth?

Then apply now for a no-obligation valuation!