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1,200 workstations replaced in 3 weeks

One of the biggest telecom providers, based in Germany, wants to quickly replace 1,200 workstations in the Netherlands.

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The challenge

The client wants us to replace the 1,200 workstations quickly.

The approch

To ensure that the staff are not disturbed by the replacement, it takes place during the evening hours: 50 to 100 workstations at a time. So that a staff member who leaves his workstation on a certain day finds his new, fully functioning workstation on the following day.

The Result

Within 3 weeks, all the telecom provider’s 1,200 workstations have been replaced, without any hitches. Apart from finding a shiny new system on their desk the next day, the staff have hardly noticed a thing. Our services were paid for by the residual value of the removed equipment.


  • 1,200 workstations replaced
  • In the evening hours
  • Completed within 3 weeks


  • Speed
  • Problem-free
  • Service paid for by residual value
  • No disruption for staff
  • Secure