Along with collecting your IT equipment and the secure deletion of your data, we also provide all the other IMAC/D services: the full replacement cycle of all your workstation IT equipment, including mobile devices, regardless of where you got them.


From temporary safe storage, configuration and delivery to installation of new hardware including on-site support, we take all the work off your hands. We have developed our own planning tool, which saves you money by making your rollout as efficient as possible.


Our experienced staff take care of it all, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What is IMAC/D?

  • Install - imaging; at our location or yours
  • Move - to another workstation
  • Add - to an existing workstation
  • Change - of an existing workstation
  • Delete - from an existing workstation
"1,200 laptops out of Barcelona, fast and secure"
Within two weeks after the order, the resale value was in our customer’s bank account.

Right Automatically

With our rollout tool, communication with end users is automatic, thanks to automatic notifications, scheduling, emails and interactive user guides.
For example, the tool sends end users a notification requesting them to select their new hardware. They then schedule the appointments for delivery, replacement, repair, upgrade or update online.

Seeing is believing? Watch a demo

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Now planning takes care for itself

Never again will you have to go through the endless cycle of emailing and calling all users to make or change appointments. That enormous time savings means you save money, and you also make the end users happy.

The advantages at a glance

  • Minimum effort on the part of your tech personnel
  • Maximum efficiency and cost savings
  • Real-time insight
  • Everything is measurable

The challenge

The customer needs us to replace 1,200 workstations as quickly as possible. And, by the way, with a minimum of disruption to the affected employees – of course.

The approach

To make sure that the changeover causes a minimum of nuisance for the employees, we do the work at night, 50 to 100 workstations at a time. As the process goes on, groups of employees leave their desks in the evening and return the next morning to find their new, fully functional workstations in place.


Within three weeks, all 1,200 of the telecom provider’s workstations were replaced without a hitch. The employees didn’t notice a thing – except, of course, the brand new and fully functional workstation on their desk in the morning. The resale value of the old workstations covered the entire cost of our service.

“CTC disposed of 1,200 laptops from our office in Barcelona, and they did it fast and securely. The money from the sale of the old equipment was in our account within two weeks.”

– IT manager of a foodstuffs, personal care products and cleaning supplies multinational.


  • 1,200 workstations replaced
  • Work at night
  • Complete within three weeks


  • Speed
  • We handled everything
  • Sale of old workstations paid the bill
  • Employees were not disturbed
  • Secure


Our certifications offer you extra certainty. We are certified for:



Blancco ITAD Gold Partner

Blancco is wereldwijd de best gewaardeerde en gecertificeerde software voor dataverwijdering. Goedgekeurd door de Nederlandse Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD). Voor gegarandeerd 100% dataverwijdering.


ISO 14001

De internationale norm voor milieumanagementsystemen



ISO 9001

De internationale norm voor kwaliteitsmanagementsystemen



Voor het vervoeren, inzamelen, en verhandelen van bedrijfsafvalstoffen zijn wij in het bezit van de NIWO-vergunning. Tevens voldoen wij aan het ’besluit inzamelen afvalstoffen & regeling vervoerders, inzamelaars, handelaars en bemiddelaars’ met VIHB-nummer: UT509513VIHB.

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