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Many companies and organisations are interested to find out what their old hardware is still worth. That’s logical, because used hardware often still represents an attractive residual value. This residual value can subsequently be re-invested in new systems. For that reason, companies are increasingly opting for our hardware purchasing service.

Curious about the residual value of your redundant hardware? If so, request a no-obligation valuation now. As soon as we receive your request, our specialists will get cracking for you.

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Attractive residual value

Why sell NAS, SAN or DAS to CTC?

How do we determine the residual value of used hardware?
The residual value of used hardware is mainly determined by the following aspects:

  • the price when new;
  • the brand and model;
  • the age;
  • the specifications;
  • the cosmetic and technical condition of the devices;
  • the number of devices. In general, you can get a better price for bigger batches.

On the other hand, the benefit of selling your used hardware resides in not only the sale price, but also in the guaranteed secure deletion of your data. Moreover, you thereby invest in a circular economy and save kilograms of e-waste: something that more and more organisations are appreciating the value of.

Want to know quickly what your used business hardware is still worth?

Minimum number of devices

We only purchase hardware from companies and organisations, and not from individuals. For certain hardware there is also a minimum number of devices. You can find the exact numbers in the table below.

Hardware         Minimum number

Computers       10

Laptops            10

Tablets             10

Servers             No minimum

Storage            No minimum

Curious about the residual value of your devices?
Want to know now how much your used hardware is still worth? If so, complete the valuation form now. Remember to give the most important specifications, such as the brand and model, as well as the number of devices. Prefer to call us? Then contact us at +31 (0)30 248 40 03. Our staff will be pleased to take it from there.

Interested? This is how we go about it

Do you have a surplus of hardware you are keen to sell off? This is how to do it:

  1. Call +31(30)-248 40 03 or request a no-obligation valuation by clicking the button above
  2. One of our specialists will provide you with an attractive proposal
  3. After you agree to the proposal, we collect the hardware from your premises using our own transport
  4. We securely delete all the data from your data cariers using Blancco software
  5. You receive an invoice and the data deletion certificates
  6. The agreed amount is quickly credited to your account
  7. We make your old hardware ready for a second life

Please note: We do not buy defective or incomplete equipment, or accessories such as cables, mice, laptop covers, webcams, stands or keyboards.

Not sure if your equipment is eligible? Please feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will be glad to answer all your questions, without obligation.

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What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We will be happy to discuss how we can dispose of your surplus of hardware in the right way: fast, securely, and responsibly.

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We will be happy to discuss how we can dispose of your surplus of hardware in the right way: fast, securely, and responsibly.

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