Hardware buyback

Your old hardware is still worth money!

Does your organization have a surplus of computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, servers, storage or network equipment etc. that you want to dispose of quickly and securely? And would you also like an attractive residual value?

CTC buys up your used business software, securely erases the data and remarkets it. And you? You don’t need to worry at all about it any more!

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Attractive residual value

We offer an attractive residual value for your used IT equipment!

Often, redundant IT equipment just gets in the way. It takes up valuable storage space while the residual value slowly declines. And then there is also the risk of data leaks if the equipment ends up in the wrong hands.
So ask for a no-obligation valuation and, once you have agreed, we will collect the used IT equipment from your premises. Unplug the old hardware, place it ready, and CTC will do the rest!


Advantages of selling hardware to CTC:

  • Advantages of selling hardware to CTC
  • Frees up valuable storage space
  • Includes secure data erasure!
  • Avoids risk of data leaks
  • Includes reports and certificates
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

What hardware is purchased?

  • Computers: PC, workstation, laptop
  • Apple: iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, Displays
  • Servers: under 6 years old
  • Tablets: iPad, Samsung, tablet PC, etc.
  • Storage: NAS, SAN, DAS, data-carrying equipment (hard drives)
  • Miscellaneous: monitors >21″, network

CTC buys:

  • Business used hardware
  • Not from private individuals!
  • At least 10 units
  • No defective or incomplete equipment
  • No cables, mouse units or keyboards
  • No inkjet printers, toners or cartridges

Want to know quickly what your old hardware is still worth?

ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO 27001 gecertificeerd blancco data erasure niwo certificering
Customer Case

“1,200 workstations replaced in 3 weeks”

IT manager of a foodstuffs, personal care products and cleaning supplies multinational.

One of the biggest telecom providers, based in Germany, wants to quickly replace 1,200 workstations in the Netherlands.

The challenge

The client wants us to replace the 1,200 workstations quickly. This must be done without disruption for the staff.

The approach

To ensure that the staff are not disturbed by the replacement, it takes place during the evening hours: 50 to 100 workstations at a time. So that a staff member who leaves his workstation on a certain day finds his new, fully functioning workstation on the following day.


Within 3 weeks, all the telecom provider’s 1,200 workstations have been replaced, without any hitches. Apart from finding a shiny new system on their desk the next day, the staff have hardly noticed a thing. Our services were paid for by the residual value of the removed equipment.


  • 1,200 workstations replaced
  • In the evening hours
  • Completed within 3 weeks


  • Speed
  • Problem-free
  • Service paid for by residual value
  • No disruption for staff
  • Secure

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We will be happy to discuss how we can dispose of your redundant IT equipment in the right way: fast, securely, and responsibly.

What can CTC IT Solutions do for you?

We will be happy to discuss how we can dispose of your redundant IT equipment in the right way: fast, securely, and responsibly.

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