ITAD services for data centres

We offer a broad package of ITAD services for data centres, including secure on-site data destruction, secure transport, and certified disposal and recycling. Our long-term relationships in the market enable us to get the maximum resale value for your unwanted equipment. That’s money that can compensate the costs of disposal and get you the most out of your investments.


Auditing & Reporting

CTC verifies and documents the full end-to-end process for obsolete IT assets. This guarantees transparency, reliability and strict compliance with all obligations.


Closed loop

That’s how we guarantee a “leak-proof” end-to-end process, from asset tagging via inventory reporting all the way to our secure processing facilities. CTC – for physical relocations, too!

Removing assets from data centers is specialist work. Our specially trained employees expertly dismantle and remove servers, patch panels, routers, switches ... you name it.

Today, we have an extensive body of experience doing this.

In this kind of situation, data security plays an even more important role, because of the volume of the data and (in most cases) its greater privacy sensitivity.

Don't take any chances.

"2,500 servers removed in two days"
Data centre space is expensive, so the sooner surplus servers are gone, the better.

An international company renting space in a data centre in the Netherlands cancelled its lease. 2,500 servers were no longer needed, and had to be gone within five days.


The challenge

This assignment demanded speed and expertise. Every hour past the deadline that our customer’s servers were still in the data centre would cost our customer money. On top of that, removing servers from a data centre is always challenging, security-sensitive, precision work. The machines themselves are squeezed into rows in-between servers of other customers. And it’s up to us to make sure that no server goes down.

The approach

A certified team specialized in this type of work makes all administrative and other preparations and then travels to the data centre. On the site, they remove the 2,500 servers fast and securely, package them carefully, and transport them to our location in Nieuwegein. The servers are gone within two days. Next, at our location in Nieuwegein, we use Blancco to wipe the data securely and completely.


The servers were removed from the data centre on time and to the customer’s complete satisfaction, and brought in a high resale value for the customer.

Project details

  • 2,500 servers removed fast and securely
  • Data wiped securely and completely using Blancco
  • High resale value


  • Speed
  • We handled everything
  • High resale value
  • Expertise in data centres

“With our new equipment coming in fast, we were in a big hurry. CTC disposed of 2,500 workstations spread out over 12 different locations in just two days. Amazing.”

-IT manager of a centrally located large municipality in the Netherlands.


Our certifications offer you extra certainty. We are certified for:



Blancco ITAD Gold Partner

Blancco is wereldwijd de best gewaardeerde en gecertificeerde software voor dataverwijdering. Goedgekeurd door de Nederlandse Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD). Voor gegarandeerd 100% dataverwijdering.


ISO 14001

De internationale norm voor milieumanagementsystemen



ISO 9001

De internationale norm voor kwaliteitsmanagementsystemen



Voor het vervoeren, inzamelen, en verhandelen van bedrijfsafvalstoffen zijn wij in het bezit van de NIWO-vergunning. Tevens voldoen wij aan het ’besluit inzamelen afvalstoffen & regeling vervoerders, inzamelaars, handelaars en bemiddelaars’ met VIHB-nummer: UT509513VIHB.

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